Urban Homesteading Program

Growing, cooking, building: it used to be something everyone did. These are the skills that our grandparents took for granted and which are slowly being lost as generations grow up without direct contact to the land and the skills they need to steward it. While most urban backyards are not big enough to support a typical family, they can provide a lot of food in a small space. Whether you want a small pizza garden, some fresh herbs, or to grow a canning garden so you can make your grandma’s famous pasta sauce, we can empower you with the skills you need. You don’t need a lot of space to grow the ultimate local food fresh from your own backyard. You just need some confidence and the guidance from a skilled educator with a passion for making the most of small spaces.

amara and brika in the garden

Common Ground grows food at a scale that is accessible to the average backyard gardener. Everything is planted in raised beds, with non-mechanized techniques, and utilizing permaculture and organic principles. Our ½ an acre market garden is the perfect size to allow us to focus energy on education, outreach, and empowerment. It lets us prioritize creating a unique space and responding to our members directly. You may never get to this, but we can help you cultivate the skills you need to become a little more self-reliant and resilient. The average city only has 3 days of food in it and with climate change, war, ice-storms, and economic instability, there are more and more reasons to transform that lawn into a beautiful bed of veggies. Whatever your motivation, learning to grow, cook, and preserve food is fun, good for the environment and inexpensive.

tomato workshop

All our classes are hands-on and run by people with real expertise and an educational background. You will get dirt under your fingernails and sauce on your apron. We strive to provide the ultimate field to fork experience, with canning workshops that start in the garden harvesting vegetables and end in our covered outdoor kitchen overlooking the garden. We will provide you with hand-outs, detailed pictures, videos, instructions, and pdfs on our website for access afterwards.

All workshops require pre-registration and are subject to change if severe weather makes them impossible. Sign up early as most have a maximum of 20 people. All CSA members are eligible for 30% off any of our workshops.