"I joined Common Ground Teaching Farm’s CSA in 2015 and loved it! The vegetables are extraordinarily fresh, taste 100% better than what you’ll find at the grocery store, and are organic too. Each week, as soon as the veggies would arrive, I’d sauté some lovely greens—swiss chard, kale, or collards—with garlic and eat them for lunch. Exceptional quality. Can’t wait for this year!"

-Dilia Narduzzi


"It's like experiencing the excitement of Christmas morning on a weekly basis -  I leave my cooler and come home to find it full of the most delicious fruits and veggies. The team at Common Ground Farm is incredible. I would often snap a photo, send it along to ask "what is it?!" and shortly receive a reply with a name and usually some tips on how to best prepare it. Not only is partaking in a CSA educative and an exciting way to try new types of fruits and vegetables, but truly helps to build a connection to your food and your community."

-Kate Whalen

veggie share

"Common Ground Teaching Farm is a rare gem tucked away in Mount Hope — a gem that everyone in the Hamilton area should know about!  I bought a share in the farm last summer and enjoyed it so much.  Mike Mikulak and his team provide fresh produce each and every week that is brimming with so much flavour you won’t believe your taste buds.  A special shout-out to the garlic, which is to die for!  I also attended one of the canning classes at the farm last year.  The outdoor kitchen is just wonderful… a great place to learn and to socialize with other like-minded foodies.  I’ll be growing my own food when I get to Mars.  I can only hope it’s half as good as Mike’s!"

-Karen Cumming (Mars One Mission finalist)

garlic harvest