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A New Leaf Farm


Our neighbours just down the road, A New Leaf Farm is our newest local food partner. They specialize in sustainably, humanely raised chickens, ducks, Tamworth hogs, and cattle. Their free-range animals enjoy a stress-free life, without a cage in sight. Anyone can place bulk orders for their high quality eggs and meat, and will receive free delivery. See our CSA sign-up page for more.


Welcome Inn Community Centre


Welcome Inn provides much needed social and economic support for some of our most vulnerable neighbours through services such as their Good Food Box program. Their commitment to food security and creating resilient community here in Hamilton is inspiring. We share their dedication to improving access to quality food for our most vulnerable citizens. That's why we donate a portion of our produce to Welcome Inn, and why we encourage CSA members to donate their shares when they're away.




THAAT Co-op is one small business that redefines ambition in the Ambitious City. It takes vision and determination to find success as a bicycle-based delivery company in a city with freeway-like roads, but this is precisely what they have done. Founded in 2011 with a commitment to sustainability, they have changed the way goods move in this city. We are delighted to be partnered with THAAT Co-op, who enable us to keep our fossil fuel consumption to an absolute minimum.


Carrot Cache


Over the last 8 years, Carrot Cache has granted $1 million to over 165 organizations and individuals. The monies are given to people who are working on organic agriculture initiatives and developing regional food economies. Thanks to their generous support, we will be able to build a solar-powered straw bale cooling shed. With this shed, we will be able to refrigerate our vegetables immediately after harvesting, providing our members with unparalleled freshness without compromising our commitment to sustainability.


The Kitchen Collective


A strong local food system cannot exist without hubs to connect producers with people. The Kitchen Collective is a co-operative and an incubator for up-and-coming local food businesses like Sweet & Simple, Willard's, Hero Coffee, Real Food Kitchens, and Donut Monster. The Kitchen Collective is also our local food hub, where we drop off our produce every week for distribution by THAAT Co-op, who delivers it to our customers by bike. Unique collaborations like ours demonstrate the kind of positive local change that can happen with vision, good planning, and commitment to a shared future.


SoBi Hamilton


Hamilton's very own bikeshare service officially kicked off in March 2015, and is helping to redefine how people travel in and experience this city. When we slow down and ride a bike instead of driving our cars, we are able to see our city from a different perspective, and we begin to see what our city can become. We are happy to offer special incentives to SoBi bike share members who join our CSA program. Read about our share types to learn more.