Urban Homesteading Curriculum

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We don't just want to sell you our delicious produce; we want to help you get started on your own garden. Through our unique CSA program, members can enjoy a number of different workshops as a part of their subscription. [Read More]



We offer many different workshops on topics such as gardening fundamentals, organic pest control, and urban homesteading skills such as canning and fermenting. You can pay to attend these individually, or get them as part of one of our value-added CSA shares. [Read More]

Farm Days


Come out for a more informal learning experience with one of our farm days. These are a great supplement to our more structured workshops, and can help you to hone your skills in a supportive environment. [Read More]

Supporting Documents


All workshop participants will gain access to original, supporting content to supplement and enrich your learning experience. No need to show up to our workshops with a notebook in hand; we'll provide easy-to-follow print-outs and instructional videos to help you refresh your memory. [Read More]