Farm Days

At Common Ground we believe the best way to learn about sustainable agriculture is to practice sustainable agriculture. Formal workshops are a great way to get your mind around the theory, but sometimes, you just need to practice and ask a few questions. Farm days are only available to people signed up for the urban homesteading curriculum. Less formal than a workshop, farm days are a great way to gain some experience and to speak to a farmer about specific topics. We will post a schedule of farm activities and you can register to help out and learn by doing. Maybe you took our workshop on Salad Un-boxed, but are not sure how close to put those lettuces together or which plants go well next to arugula. Since we plant greens almost every week, you will have plenty of opportunities to come back up to the farm and get a refresher. Want to learn how to sucker and prune tomato plants? how to layer a compost pile? build trellises? or how to lay down a drip irrigation system? Farm days are a great way to build skills while helping out with a range of tasks.

You will get the satisfaction of knowing your labour helped Common Ground and learn through an experientially focused, informal learning environment that focuses on the task at hand. These are much less formal than workshops, but they are a great follow up to some of the workshops and can help you hone your skills in supportive environment.