Share Types

Quick Guide to our Shares

Our CSA shares run from June to October, for 16 weeks, and are a bit different than what you might be used to. For less than $30 a week, you can have fresh, organic veggies biked to your door. All our members get priority access to our workshops and activities on diverse aspects of home gardening and urban homesteading. Whether you're interested in beginning your own small garden, improving on the one you already have, getting hands on instruction on how to properly prune tomatoes or learn about our intensive cropping model, we can help. Scroll down to learn more. All shares include home delivery.

What's In Your CSA Box

Each of the plants listed below will typically have 3-7 different varieties. When it comes to tomatoes, we grow over 30 different kinds.

Early Summer: Arugula, kale, spinach, green onions, herbs, salad mix, beets, carrots, summer squash, broccoli, garlic scapes, radish, snap peas, kohlrabi

Mid Summer: Romaine lettuce, beans, swiss chard, beets, carrots, beans, summer squash, early tomatoes, cucumbers, tomatillos

Late Summer/Fall: Garlic, tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes, corn, beans, winter squash, potato, multi-coloured peppers, salad mix, hot peppers, onions, eggplants, eggplants, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, fennel, winter radish

Share Size

We offer small, medium, and large shares:

  • Small shares include 5-8 items, and are best suited for 1-2 people;
  • Medium shares include 8-10 items, suitable for a couple who cooks a lot or a family;
  • Large shares include 10-14 items, suitable for a vegan couple or a family.

Share Types

We offer a standard CSA share for those who want fresh produce every week, as well as other shares that include access to an increasing number of workshops and activities:

  • Our regular share is produce-only;
  • The Backyard Gardener share includes produce + some workshops/activities;
  • The Seasoned Gardener share includes produce + more workshops/activities;
  • The Urban Prepper share includes produce + most workshops/activities, as well as a personalized garden consultation.

All CSA members within the delivery zone (Dundas to Parkdale) will enjoy farm-to-door bicycle delivery of their share at no additional cost; all other shares will be delivered by car. Take a look at the tables below for the precise breakdown for each share type, including prices. HST is additional (applied to the cost of delivery). A small portion of your membership fee ($10) will be applied towards the cost of your insulated delivery bag, and is non-refundable.

CSA Payment

Half of the cost of your share is due upon sign-up; the other half is due July 1st. Please let us know if you need to make alternate arrangements. If you pay in full by April 1st, get a free additional week of shares or a free workshop. 

Vacation Policy

We ask that you provide notice at least 7-10 days prior to your vacation to allow us the time to make any necessary arrangements. We offer a few options if you will be out of town:

  • To add the value to future shares;
  • To send it to a friend;
  • Or to donate it to the Welcome Inn food bank.

Membership Agreement

Feel free to read our 2016 CSA Membership Agreement. When you have registered for our 2016 CSA, we will re-send you the agreement for your signature.

Weekly Add-Ons

We are super excited to offer some amazing add-ons this year. Follow the link to learn about the kinds of products you will be able to add to your share and to provide us feedback so we can source what you want. From fair trade organic coffee and from scratch donuts, to organic breads, eggs, honey and pork, you can keep more of your grocery dollar local. 



CSA Level 1

Regular Share Small Medium Large
# of items 5-8 8-10 10-14
Cost (includes delivery) $485 $585 $685

CSA Level 2

The Backyard Gardener Small Medium Large
# of items 5-8 8-10 10-14
Workshops Included 2 2 2
Farm Days 2 2 2
Pizza Night 1 1 1
Cost (includes delivery) $585 $685 $785

CSA Level 3

The Seasoned Gardener Small Medium Large
# of items 5-8 8-10 10-14
Workshops Included 4 4 4
Farm Days 4 4 4
Pizza Night 1 1 1
Cost (includes delivery) $685 $785 $885

CSA Level 4

The Urban Prepper Small Medium Large
# of items 5-8 8-10 10-14
Workshops Included 6 6 6
Farm Days 8 8 8
Pizza Night 1 1 1
Personalized Garden Consult* 1 1 1
Cost (includes delivery) $785 $885 $985

*The Urban Prepper share is intended for people who want to really maximize their productive capacity. A personalized garden consult could involve aiding in the design of a permaculture garden, help installing a drip irrigation system, or providing a customized fertility and crop plan. In most cases it involves a 1 hour home visit and a series of recommended next steps to get you on your journey towards self-sufficiency in the city. What it does not include is material costs associated with these projects or large installations. We will work with you on a case-by-case basis to determine any additional costs and do offer edible landscaping solutions at very reasonable rates.

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