Cycling Directions

Reach us by Bicycle

We're just a 22km ride from downtown! Take the Escarpment Rail Trail, switch onto the Chippewa Rail Trail, and then turn right on Chippewa Rd. We are just a hop and a skip away from the Trail.

Begin your journey by hopping on the Escarpment Rail Trail at either Ferguson + Young St in Corktown Park (left) or at Wentworth + Charlton, just south of Cumberland (right).

youngferguson entrance

escarpment rt entrance

How To Get to the Chippewa Rail Trail

At the end of the Escarpment RT, you will be in a parking lot. Turn right up the hill (Arbour Road), cross the pedestrian bridge over the Red Hill, and turn right onto the bikelane on Stonechurch.

arbour road rt entrance

onto stonechurch turn right

The first intersection you will reach is the corner of Dartnall and Stonechurch. Access to the Chippewa Rail Trail is on the southwest corner. A quick jaunt up the rough dirt path will put you onto the Trail, and roughly 10km from the farm. Observe caution when crossing all roads along the length of the Trail.

stonechurch-dartnell CRT entrance

rail trail pic

There are no street signs in the country. You will come to Chippewa Rd E right after you cross Nebo Rd on a diagonal. When you get to Chippewa Rd E, look across the road for the green street number sign "7111." Take a right here.

We're just past Ferris Rd at 8356, on the right.


chippewa rd exist

8356 chippewa