Common Ground is a CSA for urban folk with rural dreams. If you are interested in getting fresh, organic, heirloom fruits and veggies delivered to your door by bike, then you are in the right place.

When you join a CSA you are doing more than purchasing vegetables. The Community Supported Agriculture movement is changing the rural landscape for the better, giving farmers a safety net at the beginning of the season when we have to pay for everything and hope for the best. 

Your share directly supports a more sustainable and just way of growing, storing, moving and engaging with food. By committing to a share at the beginning of the season, we promise 16 weeks of the freshest, most unique veggies delivered to your door. Harvested, washed, and refrigerated within an hour of harvest in our "veggie cave," a solar powered walk in cooler made out of straw bales, your share arrives by bike in a cooler bag and stays fresh all week.

With your share we pay our workers a living wage, support the next generation of farmers by training young people to farm, donate excess produce to the Welcome Inn Community Food Centre, and offer a wide range of unique garden education, workshops, and cooking classes in our outdoor kitchen and teaching area. We want to make you a better food citizen by showing that a better way is possible.  




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Make your food dollar count. Join us for our 2016 season.






veggie share

Say no to the lawn and grow some food!

The last 100 years of agriculture have been driven by a desire to grow bigger. At Common Ground, we celebrate the small. On less than 1/2 an acre, we launched a 16 week CSA for 53 families, grew over 7500 lbs of food and delivered 1000 boxes of veggies by bike to our members. We sold garlic, peas and greens to the Mustard Seed Co-op, trained McMaster students interested in farming, held 5 workshops and gave 20 farm toursImagine what you can do in your own backyard. We are a teaching farm because this is a place to learn and celebrate the art of the urban homestead. We celebrate DIY and self-sufficiency, without giving up on the community that makes that possible.  You may never get to this, but we can help you grow, preserve and cook your food with our range of classes. 

Urban Homesteading

hands on education


Canning, preservation, fermentation, gardening workshops and farm tours are a regular part of life here. Our goal is to teach our members how to grow their own veggies and preserve the harvest in our outdoor kitchen. Because of our size and the techniques we use, the farm is accessible to the average backyard green thumb. We can teach you how to get the most of your garden, or how to make the ultimate field to fork pasta dish from scratch. Check out our hands-on workshops or Sign up for one of our added-value CSA shares.



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We utilize cutting edge regenerative organic techniques and tools to mimic and strengthen natural cycles without the use of synthetic chemicals, pesticides or herbicides. With over 100 varieties of veggies, our system of production is biointensive and low impact. Our walking tractor uses less than 40 litres of oil for the entire season. We built a walk in cooler out of straw and powered it with the sun. Our drip irrigation system reduces water consumption by 80% and we work with McMaster university students on sustainability projects, include a brand new bee hotel, bat cave and pollinator garden to protect our precious pollinators. We always have new projects on the go for you to get involved with.


Regenerative Agriculture


Voting with your fork has never been so vital. The food you eat represents 1/3 of your overall environmental footprint: it's more important than the car you drive.  We never use pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or herbicides; instead, we follow a permaculture approach that focuses on building the soil through the use of cover crops, heavy applications of compost and organic matter, careful crop rotation, and minimal tillage. With only a small walking tractor and some beautiful hand tools, our goal is to capture more carbon than we emit and to produce enough food for 50 shares for 25 weeks off ½ acre. We also believe that people matter so we pay our workers a living wage and try to inspire the next generation of farmers through outreach with Tastebuds Hamilton.

Bicycle Delivery

THAAT Delivers


Since food miles are so important, we work with THAAT Co-op to limit unnecessary driving to and from the farm. We are proud to include bicycle-based farm-to-door delivery* for all CSA subscribers at no extra cost. Our veggies are refrigerated and quickly delivered to The Kitchen Collective where they are back in the fridge before being biked out in our enclosed bicycle trailers. Your subscription will help to support these two co-operatives who are doing transformative work in the local food scene in Hamilton.

*Limited to residences in Hamilton from Westdale to Parkdale, and Lower Dundas; customers outside of the delivery zone will receive their share by car.